What if you lived your life as if it were an act of Magic? 

How would that look to you?

Finding a life where your strengths and talents were needed instead of wasted?

Being an agent of change in the world?

Living your soul's path? ​

A finding love, or deep self-acceptance?​

How would that make you feel?



Connected and supported?

That’s how you should feel each and every day!

    But what can you do to live a magical life? How does one even begin to make this life-altering change?

    With a first step........A step you already made by hearing your call for change and finding me.

    Who am I? 

    I'm Allison Carr: a priestess, a healer, a coach, and a mother.

    The first year I committed to celebrating the sacred holidays of the Wheel of the Year, my whole life changed radically.

    I started out the year aimless, miserable and broke. I was working two dead-end jobs I hated, I was in a relationship that was going nowhere, and I was broke, literally living in a trailer in my friend's driveway to save money (I'm not joking!). By the end of the year, I had started grad-school to become a Chinese Medicine practitioner, and I had bought my first house. But what was more amazing than that, is that by the end of that year I had finally found my purpose, my calling. I had finally accepted what a powerful and magical person I was.

    Since that year my work has been guiding others through this process.

    I made this life-changing transformation by using the Wheel of the Year.

    Are you ready to know the secrets on how it’s done?

    The Wheel of the Year: how the wisdom of the earth can help us during difficult times. 

    Let's face it, things are looking grim right now. The Wheel of the Year shows us that darkness and light each have their place, that change is constant, and that we matter and have work to do! 

    Registration for the Wheel of the Year opens in January 2018. Sing up below to be one of the first to know when I will be offering my free Wheel of the Year webinar again!

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