• What is your part in changing the world?

    What is your part in changing the world?

    Your spirit guides are here to help! Join me for Spirit Guides 101
  • Free Masterclass on the Wheel of the Year

    Free Masterclass on the Wheel of the Year

    Live your life as an act of magic!
  • Learn About Magic!

    Learn About Magic!

    Free class on the secrets of this ancient art.
  • Discover the Sacred Wheel

    Discover the Sacred Wheel

    Learn how the 8 most powerful days of the year can transform your life.

Get my free class on the secrets of Magic!

Discover Magic

Discover Magic

Discover the ancient art of magic with these classes and immersion programs.

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Are you a Healer?

Are you a Healer?

Mentorship and business programs to help you develop your gifts and make a living doing what you love.

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Acupuncture Sessions

Acupuncture Sessions

Deep transformative healing sessions for those in the Santa Barbara Area.

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Healer, priestess, writer, and mother. I teach classes in magic, spirituality, and mentorship for healers.


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Allison holds the energy of the Mother Goddess. When I am in her presence, she holds a space where the Mother can lift my burdens – all the things my mind thinks it needs to carry, all the details of providing for MYSELF as a human on the planet—and for the moment of that experience

Allison is truly brilliant at heart’s desire. I will probably remember this one session I had with her for the rest of my life. Seriously. I was totally ashamed about a particular fantasy of mine. She encouraged me to really go into it. Like. Imagine. Every. Single. Embarrassing. Detail. I did and Allison helped me

Allison is a wonderful teacher who knows how to balance lecture, movement and ritual really well. I learned so many useful tools and how to trust myself.

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