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Allison Carr 

I am a writer, teacher of magic, and animism, and a practitioner of the healing arts. I’m a licensed Acupuncturist living in the far north, and a student of somatic healing, trauma recovery and attachment repatterining. This website is the best place to find all my witchy offerings. If you are local to the Fairbanks area and looking for acupuncture, you can find my clinic website here



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What I Do

Zine Order

In 2019 I wrote a memoir about my experience in a manipulative Portland Witch School.

Work with Me

I am currently not offering individual work. 


Click here for the latest from my blog. 

The Warp and Weft Podcast

Formerly the Sacred Wheel Pod. Since 2017 I have been interviewing people of all sorts who are working in the realm of healing, magic and justice. 


Foundations of my Work

Trauma Informed

Capitalism is traumatizing, racism is traumatizing, patriarchy is traumatizing. If we want to dismantle these systems, we have to work from a trauma informed place. 

Justice Oriented

As a Queer femme, radical politics has been a part of my life from the beginning. In my work I strive to contextualize everything I do within the goal of dismantling systemic oppression. Just so we are clear, I support Black Lives Matter, Native Sovereignty, reparations, defunding the police and working towards a Just Transition. 


I believe that life is made deeper by relationships. For me, an animist perspective means those relationships extend beyond the human realm, and includes deep relationships with the landand with my ancestors.