2017 Sacred Wheel Speaker’s Series

Here are the interviews we’ve done so far:

Vanessa Couto: The Rise of the Warrior Goddess: The Astrology of 2017.

Join me as I talk with Vanessa about the major trends in Astrology for 2017. Find out why she is looking at 2017 to be the year of the return of the Warrior Goddess archetype, and what else might be in store for us this year.

Watch the video here.




Unlearning the Patriarchy: Body-Centered Healing with Dawn K. Gibson. 

Join me as I discuss body centered wisdom, divine feminine movement, healing from sexual trauma, and unlearning the patriarchy with Dawn K. Gibson.

Watch the video here.


Birthing a New World: Visioning with Dori Midnight.

Dori and I sat down and talked about the painful and often difficult process of birthing a new world. Find out why your grief is necessary, how you can begin visioning the kind of future you want to see, and why social justice is a vital part of that process.

Watch the video here.


Repairing the Web of Desire with Melanie St. Ours

This month I got to speak to Melanie St. Ours about the topic of desire. In this interview we talk about the brain chemistry of desire, how to recognize destructive desires, and how taboo and community censorship of desire can affect our health.

Watch the video here.



Connection is your Birthright with Sam Roberts.

In this video I interview Sam Roberts, herbalist, all about re-connecting ourselves to the web of life using wilderness therapy.

Watch the Video Here.

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