Hi! Nice to Meet You:

This is who I am

I am Allison (she/her)

 I am a writer, a holistic healing practitioner trained in Acupuncture, Herbal medicine, Energy Clearing and a student of Somatics, and a teacher of magic and animism. I identify as a queer femme.  I am grateful to live on the unseeded lands of the Dene speaking peoples of the Lower Tanana Valley. Also known as Fairbanks Alaska.



Some things to know about me:

I am originally from Portland, OR, where I lived for 34 years until relocating in 2013. I consider myself kin with stinging nettle, linden tree, bleeding heart flowers and owls. My hair is actually much shorter now than it was when I took all these pictures. I am a graduate of the Blue Iris Mystery School. In 2019 I wrote a personal memoir about my journey realizing the manipulative and cult-like tactics used at this school, and I no longer endorse the teachings of this lineage.

I am a student of Somatics with Patti Elledge and Carmen Spagnola. I am the creator of the Sacred Wheel Immersion and Podcast and the Resilience Course. I have published writings in Mutha Magazine, Tiny Buddha and Elephant Journal. I am currently writing a memoir about my time living in anarchist communities of London in the year 2000. 

Somatics and Animism

After years of identifying as a witch and priestess I have settled on the concept of Animism as a framework for my belief system. It’s not that I don’t consider myself a witch any more, I just have so much baggage from those that taught me witchcraft that I think it is time I lay the title aside for a while. The humility and non-dogmatic basis of Animism appeals to me. I believe that we are hard wired for attachment to not just other humans, but to the land itself, to plants and to other non-corporeal beings. 

I believe the key to our wellbeing is developing a sense of safety and resonance with the world around us. I firmly believe in trauma informed teaching and incorporate within my work somatic techniques that are inspired by Peter Levine, Diane Poole Heller and Stephen Porges. Regaining a sense of safety and belonging in the world, is key to becoming fully human. I stand here today as a product of my ancestors hard work, and in a willingness to heal the trauma they left unhealed. 

Deepening the Relationship

Low commitment ways to get to know more about me:

Read My Zine

This self-published chap book is a 70 page story of my journey leaving the Blue Iris Mystery school, becoming a mother, and deep deep healing. 

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Take the Resilience Course

This 5 module self-study course is a great intro to Poly-vagal theory, attachment repatterining and trauma healing. It provides immediate exercises to help you regulate your nervous system. 

Cost: $25

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I’m currently writing a creative non-fiction memoir about my time traveling and living in anarchist spaces in London and Europe in the year 2000. You can support my work and get first access to new chapters on Patreon 

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