Can you hear them?

The voices that have been whispering to you for a while now, maybe as long as you can remember.  The voices that whisper to you at your quietest moments.

“There has to be more than this” ………. “You were meant for greater things”

“This can’t be all there is”…….  “When are you finally going to start”.

Maybe you’ve blocked them out so completely by now that you can’t hear them any more.

Maybe they are screaming at you every chance they get.

When are you going to listen?

Somewhere deep inside, you know there is a path you were meant to follow.  A road.  A journey you are meant to begin.  Maybe you’ve already started, but are losing your courage.

What is it going to take to get you to take the first step? And the next step after that?

I know for certain, that there is something amazing and special and totally unique that only you can bring into this world.  You are a culture changer, a visionary, a revolutionary. I know this beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Every day I help people take just one more step on the journey to becoming the person they were born to be.   And everyone always thinks I’m talking about becoming a superhero when I say this.  And although yes, once you realize why you are here, you’ll be a hero every day, it doesn’t involve leaping tall buildings.  It involves being the best version of yourself that you can truly be.  If that means being the quiet, introverted, kind loving soul that you long to be, then that what it means.

It starts with you.  It always starts with you.

What do you need to let go of?  What do you need to embrace?  What are your gifts?  What are your hurdles?

I’m not about preaching my beliefs, or dogma, I’m about helping you define your beliefs, about helping you forge the relationships you need to make with the world around you to succeed.

Do you know how much help is available if you’d only ask?

Did you know you were born with an entire team of beings, spirits and humans that are here to help you?

Trust is essential.  My greatest goal is to help you learn to trust yourself again.

Are you finally ready to take that first step?

I offer remote healing sessions, space clearing and classes.

Who am I?Head shot (2)

I’m one of those people that always believed there was nothing special or magical about myself.  When  I was little I would play for hours in my mom’s garden wishing and willing myself to see fairies.  Believing that only ‘other’ more ‘special’ people could see them.  As a teenager, I read trashy novels about girls with ESP and though ‘I wish I could be like that, but I’m not” so I gradually left those hopes and dreams behind.

At 28 I found myself broke, broken hearted and living with my parents after two years spent abroad.  The only thing I knew for sure was that I needed to know that there was a purpose to my life.  I found a tree on their land that I had always loved and said a prayer.  Help me find this life I want, help me find out that there is more than this.

That was the beginning of my slow journey towards discovering my calling. Through the years I have studied western herbalism, I am a graduate of the Blue Iris Mystery school where I studied the art of magic and priestessing with Colette Gardiner. In 2009 I graduated from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine and apprenticed for 2 years with David Berkshire learning Classical Five Element Acupuncture.

I believe the desire to find meaning and magic in our lives is universal. Through my studies and personal healing I have discovered that absolutely everyone is magical.

Today my mission is to help people take the next step on the journey to becoming who they were born to be.   Stick around you will find tons of my free teachings in articles, recordings and webinars.  I also offer classes in magic and private energy healing sessions.