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Connection is your Birthright: the Wild with Sam Roberts

In this video I talk to herbalist Sam Roberts about how re-connecting to the wild, reconnects us to the web of life. Sam Roberts is an herbalist, plant tender, witch, and organizer.  She lives in Ashland, Oregon where her herbal practice focuses on mental health, chronic illness and community care.  Sam uses clinical herbalism, plant [...]

Repairing the Web of Desire with Melanie St. Ours

This month I got to speak to Melanie St. Ours about the topic of desire. In this interview we talk about the brain chemistry of desire, how to recognize destructive desires, and how taboo and community censorship of desire can affect our health.

Birthing a New World: Interview with Dori Midnight

I had the distinct pleasure of getting to sit down with Dori Midnight and talk about our vision for a new world. Check out the interview here: Dori Midnight practices community-based intuitive healing that weaves together plant and stone medicine,  ancestral and queer magic, and anti-oppression work.  Drawing on traditions from her mixed ancestry (Sephardi/Ashkenazi/Roma) [...]