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Dismantling Privilege with Celia Ward-Wallace

In this video I talk with Celia Ward-Wallace about dismantling white privilege. Celia ( coach author and public speaker. This conversation spans a wide range of topics from Celia's personal story growing up in the social justice movement; her journey to find happiness; how white women can better address internalized racism and be a good [...]

The Spiritual Importance of the Dark: Rhea Wolf

In this video I talk to astrologer Rhea Wolf all about the spiritual importance of the dark, undoing racism, and how the upcoming eclipse season this summer will affect us all. Just want the audio? Grab the podcast on iTunes here. Here is the written transcript of our interview: Allison Carr:  So welcome to the [...]

Connection is your Birthright: the Wild with Sam Roberts

In this video I talk to herbalist Sam Roberts about how re-connecting to the wild, reconnects us to the web of life. Sam Roberts is an herbalist, plant tender, witch, and organizer.  She lives in Ashland, Oregon where her herbal practice focuses on mental health, chronic illness and community care.  Sam uses clinical herbalism, plant [...]