Erin-Ashley Kerti: Being a Professional Psychic

Erin-Ashley Kerti: Being a Professional Psychic

Becoming a professional psychic

I recently sat down with Erin-Ashley Kerti to talk about what it takes to go pro at being a psychic. She related to me the story of how she came to her gifts reluctantly, having grown up in a very skeptical and scientific family. An undeniable experience led her to start exploring the visions she had been having.

We discussed whether everyone has psychic gifts (spoiler: they do), and her recommendations for budding psychics who want to hone their skills.

The approach Erin-Ashley takes will surprise you, her advice: have fun!

Erin-Ashley gave me the low down on the typical time frame it takes to develop your gifts enough to start charging for them, and why it is good for the world if more people start owning their gifts.

She also gave me her energy forecast for the next 5 years, and emphasized the importance of developing coping strategies so that you can still get clear messages during tumultuous times.

We ended our interview with a brief discussion of ethics.

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Stephanie Syd Yang: On Releasing as a Spiritual Practice

Stephanie Syd Yang: On Releasing as a Spiritual Practice


I finally have a new episode ready for you!! In this episode I have a lovely tender and sometimes emotional conversation with Stephanie Syd Yang. We talk all about creating healing for queer folks, how Syd started learning to work with the spiritual medicine of birds, and how she makes her bird essences. Syd shares her method for self-acceptance and how that helped her heal from a severe eating disorder. Syd is an incredible healer and you can tell just by listening to her how much care and presence she brings to this work. You can find Syd at:

If you are interested in the Samhain class I talk about at the end of the podcast find that here.

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Syd is a mixed race/Taiwanese American queer healer, intuitive artist and writer who weaves together magic, possibility and intention as an energy healer + intuitive counselor in the world through their practice, Blue Jaguar Healing Arts. As someone who lives with depression and anxiety, and has recovered from severe eating disorders, Syd’s work finds its resonance in the stories we each hold at the intersection of memory, body, sexuality and mental health.  As a healer, Syd weaves together shamanic and earth-based practices that are grounded in Buddhist principles of interdependence, impermanence and karma.
Syd has been working with individuals and small groups for close to 20 years to support liberation and healing in life-affirming ways, rooting deep into their cultural, ancestral and indigenous practices. Syd works with individuals as well as regularly leads workshops, community healing circles and has been a group facilitator for over two decades, with a specific focus on grief, healing ancestral trauma, sexuality + spirituality, body liberation and eating disorder recovery. Their most recent book, a memoir, “Release” — the fantastic and entirely true story of finding freedom in a queer, mad + mixed race body“, will be available at the end of 2018. More at

Yule Celebrations: A look inside the Sacred Wheel Immersion

In this episode I take you inside the Sacred Wheel Immersion for a look at our Yule class. In this class we discuss some of the ancient pagan origins of modern Christmas Traditions. We dive into the mythology behind the Christmas tree, the use of candles and light this time of year, and some of the myth and legend behind the figure of Santa Clause. We also discuss the Omen Days, or a period of time that is rich for divination this time of year. Then we finish up with a discussion of how you can repurpose some rituals and practices this time of year to leave you feeling more connected to the earth, more peaceful and reap the gifts of the abundant darkness.
Here are the links discussed in the class.

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Links from this episode:
To sign up for my free webinar on the Wheel of the Year:
John Matthew’s book on Winter Solstice:…mas/dp/B00C2I5I0K
Caitlin Matthew’s article on the Omen Days:…stmas.html
Jeanette Winterson on the beauty of the night:…son-night-guide

Alexis P. Morgan: On the Sacred Warrior Archetype

Alexis P. Morgan: On the Sacred Warrior Archetype

I talk with Alexis P. Morgan about being a spiritual warrior

Alexis P. Morgan is the pole-dancing, sword-wielding, democratic socialist, on-the-low-heaux sorceress you’ve been warned you about. She makes her cheddar as a professional writer, facilitator, artist, ritualist, and priestess. Devoted to Truth, Justice, and Liberation, she lives in the spirit of foremothers before her: unbossed, unbought, and unbothered.

I sat down with writer Alexis P. Morgan recently and got to talk with her about what it means to be a spiritual warrior. Her answer is surprising, and it has more to do with the willingness to be vulnerable than a desire to fight. She mentions how a warrior is someone who is willing to confront what is not working head-on, and the warrior archetype is very different than what we’ve been taught by toxic masculinity.

I ask her a question that has dogged me for ages about whether warriors and healers necessarily have to sit on the opposite side of the spectrum, and she has several examples of Goddesses that are both healers and warriors. Freya, Eir and Sekmet are a few that she describes.

We move on to something that Alexis addresses in her most recent bit of writing, and that is the power of naming. She describes the act of naming as an act of resistance and we discuss how white supremacy and patriarchy operate by making those that are oppressed feel like they cannot name or talk about their oppression.

The conversation then turned to a discussion of the internet, and how the internet both complicates and simplifies the resistance to kyriarchy. Alexis has some salient points about how we tend to treat the internet as if it is not real, and why that is problematic. She also has a great explanation for how the internet is kind of like the Astral plane, and how the complicates our ideas of community and loneliness.

Then the discussion turns to the subject of Law of Attraction and, to cut to the chase, how we both see it as a world killing zombie. Alexis has a lot of great perspective on how the principles of LOA have been removed from their roots and why the circuitry of that system just doesn’t work anymore. She notes, however, that it is based on a system of magic that IS very real. She also makes a great point of connecting our 45th president to the philosophies of LOA. Alexis notes how her relationship with her guides and especially her Ancestors keeps her grounded into right relationship with her powers of manifestation.

In closing, I ask her my favorite question, which is what kind of a world she wanted to see in the future, and her answer is beautiful and centers around the kind of world she wants to see for black and brown children. We also get to talk about my new favorite book in this discussion: Emergent Strategy by Adrian Maree Brown.

Alexis brings us full circle at the end of the discussion by noting how in her ideal world violence would be a sacred and terrible thing that is only used in very extreme circumstances. There may or may not be a reference to punching Nazi’s at the end of the interview, as well as a quote by Sun Tzu from the Art of War.

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Here are the links for resources Alexis Mentions in the show:

Alexis’s Website: The Church of St. Felicia. Where you can find her writings, art and other offerings.

Alexis’s Patreon site:

Alexis on Medium:

Randi Buckley: Coach, and facilitator

Josephine McCarthy: teacher, occultist, magician.

Hari Ziyad at RaceBaitR

And, my new favorite book of the moment: Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown.

All About Energy: Episode 8

All About Energy: Episode 8

In this episode we discuss Five Element Acupuncture and Energy Clearing

In this special episode of the Sacred Wheel Podcast, I present a workshop I gave last summer all about energy work.

Energy Clearing

The workshop starts with a discussion of an energy clearing. A technique I learned from Megan Potter. I give you the 3 basic principles that are core to this technique. Then I talk about why your body is the only tool you need to successfully clear anyone and anything.

Five Element Acupuncture

Next, we go into the theory of Five Element Acupuncture. This is a style of acupuncture I have been practicing for years. Five Element Acupuncture was first brought to the U.K. by Professor J.R. Worsley in the 1970s.

I discuss each element, (Wood, Water, Earth, Fire and Metal) and the common characteristics associated with each. I discuss the concept of a ‘Causative Factor’: how illness can arise out of events from your childhood. Next I go into the cognitive distortions common to each element. This illustrates why Five Element Acupuncture can be such a powerful healing tool for the emotions as well as the body.

I discuss the acupuncture points themselves, and talk about how each point is a set of encoded symbols that provides a roadmap for healing and spiritual development.

Energy Healing Work

In the end of the episode I share some exciting discoveries I’ve made about combining Energy Clearing with the theory of Five Element Acupuncture to allow me to do distance healing sessions on my former patients.

Here are some of the links I promised in this episode:

To read more about the style of energy healing I do you can get a copy of Jean Haner’s book.

My energy clearing teacher, Megan Potter.

Learn more about booking private sessions or remote clearings with me.

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