Welcome to my magic shop!!

Here is where you will find all classes and courses I sell in and on-going basis. Most of these are priced under $50! To get info on my upcoming Samhain workshop, go here.

 IMG_0639Essentials for Empaths

In this two part mini-course you will get access to two life-saving foundational practices: grounding and casting a circle of protection. These exercises lay the foundation for any magical practice Class is $13 Purchase here!


Clearing and Protecting your Spaces:

This short video covers that basics for how to get started clearing your home or office space, creating energetic protection around your home and blessing your spaces. This class costs $18. Purchase here!


The Clear Grounded and Safe Bundle.

Get access to both the Essentials for Empaths class and the Space Clearing class for a low price of $25. (Save $6) Purchase here!


Spirit Guides 101

This 4 week course covers everything you need to get started with knowing and communicating with your Spirit Guides and Allies.

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