Enchantment Practices


You are Not Alone….

There is so much to feel disheartened about right now…..

We have created an ecological disaster on this planet we may not be able to fix

Political crises are happening faster and faster

So many of us feel like there isn’t anything we can do about it.

All those things are true, and one internet class isn’t going to save the world, but believing that you are completely powerless to affect change is also a lie.

This is both a class and a collective magic spell…..

Our cells remember when enchanted living was our birthright, when our ancestors lived in harmony with the land.

We call that power back.

We stand in a world that is facing it’s own shadow and choose to amplify beauty and our own sacred power.

We call back the power of enchantment to the world.

We call back our own power and beauty.

We call back our humanity.

We were all born knowing enchantment.

And somewhere along the way, we lost it:

It was teased, or bullied, or shamed out of us.

Old Paradigm systems like patriarchy and white supremacy use disenchantment to reinforce isolation and keep you feeling alone and powerless.

But those systems are dying.

It is time to bring enchantment back into the world!

Not just as something we occasionally experience, but something we have access to every single day.

Why do I keep talking about enchantment when the world is dying, isn’t that for fairy tales?

To be enchanted is to be open hearted and in love with the world around you. You cannot be enchanted and isolated at the same time. Enchantment IS the process of moving into fuller union with the world. It is also a part of being fully human. Sure it hurts to love a world that is in rapid decline, but staying numb to the pain isn’t helping you, it isn’t helping anyone.

Are you ready to explore what it means to be fully human and in union with this world? Union not only with your fellow humans, but with the earth, the animals that live here, and the unseen beings that surround us all the time?

If so, then I’ve created this class for you:

The Enchantment Practices

Liberation through repairing our connection to the land, our bodies, our communities and the spirit world.

This class is an exploration of  foundational practices for trying to live in a connected way. These are the practices that I turn to, even when shit feels really bad. They are the practices that call me home to myself, and call me home to the earth.

 Each month I will release a new module about the topic of living in connection, living with integrity and living in a way that tries to re-weave our world back together.

 Each lesson will involve a written module and include some form of experiential practice, that might range from a guided meditation, a tarot spread, a set of ritual instructions or a worksheet.

We will go slow. We will gradually build our capacity to be in our own bodies, to be on this planet, and to be fully human in the face of the crisis we are facing.

Here is some of the modules we will cover:

Month 1:  The Land:  We will be covering simple practices for restoring our connection to the land while respectfully acknowledging the legacy of colonization that affects those of us not living on our own indigenous land.

Month 2: Earth as an elemental magical tool. Once we have met and established a relationship with the land around us, we will use this as a foundation for learning about the magical correspondences for earth. We will discuss grounding, abundance, and tending to our physical bodies. 

Month 3: Water: In this month we will be meeting the bodies of water near us, and exploring the different personalities that water can hold. We will also work on strengthening our somatic senses.

Month 4: Water as an elemental magical tool. This month we will explore the magical qualities of water. We will cover the mythic properties of water which include intuition, cleansing, intro to moon work. Exercise will include instructions for charging water, and ritual bathing.

Month 5: Breath. We all do it ever second of every day. This month we will dive into and learn about breathing as a connection to both our somatic bodies and our energy bodies.

Month 6:  Air and smoke as an elemental magical tool: In this month we will discuss the Air element as it relates to our ability to think, use words, set boundaries and separate cloudy issues.  We will also discuss the power of smoke and offerings, and how to use practices appropriate to our own cultures and ancestry without stealing from other people’s cultures.

Month 7: Fire: In this month we will explore passion, the magic of pleasure, and the burning fires of justice. We will discuss ways of using fire for banishing, invoking and releasing.

Month 8: Moon work. In this month we will go in depth with moon work. When and how to time our work to go with the phases of the moon.

Month 9: Pendulums. In this month we will discuss the pendulum as a tool for dowsing. How to get a good yes or no answer, how to double check your results. Choosing a pendulum.

Month 10: Plant magic. In this class we will cover the basics for working with the green world magically. We will discuss etiquette, safety and simple ways to use plants in your magic.

Month 11: The Crossroads; In this class we will explore the basic magical tool of the crossroads. We will learn how to use this tool, and locate it in our bodies. We will practicing using the cross roads for decision making and as a potent place to manifest from.

 Beyond: Ancestors, spirit allies, manifestation, altar building and more! Topics will be added as the class progresses, I’m also open to student requests if there are areas you wish to see me present on.


Two ways to join:

 These e-classes are available to anyone who joins my Patreon

$10 per month gets you access to all written, audio and pre-recorded video content

$20 per month also gets you access to a monthly live call for Q&A. Class calls will be recorded for those who cannot make it live.

Join Patreon Here.

You can join and leave any time you wish. Classes will be released the first of each month, when you join you will have access to all the previous classes that have been released so far. Module 1 will be released on April 1, 2019.

Who is this class for?

Those who want to liberate their souls and remember the lost magic of childhood.

Those looking to re-kindle their creativity,

Those tired of feeling isolated and disillusioned.

Those who see that magic and enchantment are vitally needed as we move forward into the future.

This class is open to all but will include exploration of hard topics like privilege, ancestry and personal responsibility. It is open to anyone ready to dive in and do the work, regardless of your beliefs, skill level or background.

It is the aim of this class to de-center witness, and disrupt white supremacy. As a white person, living on stolen land in North America, here are some of the ways I work to do this:

  • Cultural appropriation will not be tolerated in this class*
  • White people will be asked to create space for BIPOC on class calls by refraining from speaking first (for those who choose the group call option)
  • White people, cis-gendered folks, and heterosexual folks will refrain from asking BIPOC, queer and trans people to do emotional labor around explaining racism, sexism, trans and homophobia.
  • Racist, homophobic, transphobic or otherwise harmful comments will be removed from group discussions (unless removing those comments would erase labor done by BIPOC, queer and trans folks), offenders will be given one chance to apologize and make amends. Those who refuse to do so will be removed from class.

The magical practices involved in this class will be accessible to beginners, but rich and rewarding enough for those who are seasoned. This class is also a collective spell to bring back the power of enchantment to the world.

10% of all proceeds from this class will go to Defend the Sacred AK to help with their fight to protect the Arctic National Wildelife Refuge and the sacred calving grounds of the Porcupine Caribou Herd from oil drilling.

Hi! I’m Allison…

I’m a witch, healer, mother, and queer-femme who believes in the power of enchantment to liberate our souls and restore balance to the worlds. She/her pronouns

“Allison is a wonderful teacher”

“Allison is a wonderful teacher who knows how to balance lecture, movement and ritual really well. I learned so many useful tools and how to trust myself.”

Nicole Welch

May. 12, 2015


Are you ready to say yes to Enchantment?

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*  I define cultural appropriation as anything that white people take or steal from cultures that America or Europe has had a history of colonizing without having permission or putting in the necessary work to enter into a relationship of reciprocity with that culture. Of course it is a sticky subject and none of us are going to get it right all the time, but my ask is that white students be open to hearing, listening and changing their behavior if a person of color speaks up about something making them uncomfortable. I also recognize that because the nature of colonization is so insidious, many white folks may be unaware that they are even doing it, I’m not interested in creating a culture of purity around this, just that when you know better, do better. 

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