You are Not Alone....

This is both a workshop and a collective magic spell.....

We stand under the late-summer sun, under the sign of the Lion, and call enchantment back to our lives and to the world.

We remember when enchanted living was our birthright, we call that power back.

We stand in a world that is facing it's own shadow and choose to amplify beauty and our own sacred power.

We stand through the upheaval of the coming eclipses and choose to face each other and the bright fire of community.*

We call back the power of enchantment to the world. 

We call back our own power and beauty. 

A new world is already being born. 

We were all born knowing enchantment.

And somewhere along the way, we lost it:

It was teased, or bullied, or shamed out of us.

Old Paradigm systems like patriarchy and white supremacy use disenchantment to reinforce isolation and keep you feeling alone and powerless.

But those systems are dying.

It is time to bring enchantment back into the world!

Not just as something we occasionally experience, but something we have access to every single day.

To be enchanted is to be open hearted and in love with the world around you. You cannot be enchanted and isolated at the same time. Enchantment IS the process of moving into fuller union with the world. 

Are you Ready?

Are you ready to dismantle the limitations imposed by oppression and social conditioning?

Are you ready to reclaim the parts our yourself you were taught to scorn and suppress? 

Are you ready to open your heart to possibilities and magic?

Are you ready to explore what it means to be in true community, not only with your fellow humans, but with the earth, the animals that live here, and the unseen beings that surround us all the time? 


Then please join me for

The Enchantment Practices

Liberation through repairing our connection to the land, our bodies, our communities and the spirit world.

This 4 week class will consist of a live group video call each week. And a private online forum for connection and questions between sessions.

Each call will explore the intersection between liberation and magic by deconstructing systemic oppression and re-awakening our sense of enchantment.

Simple but powerful exercises will be given as homework at the conclusion of each call. The exercises will serve to not only awaken your own sense of enchantment, but together as a group we will be rooting a deeper sense of enchantment into the world. 

Here is the schedule:

Week 1,  The Land: Enchantment as Liberation. Why is enchantment a part of liberation? In this call we will be diving into the exploring how oppression has separated us from our natural state of enchantment, by disrupting our root relationship with the land around us.. We will be covering simple practices for restoring our connection to the land while respectfully acknowledging the legacy of colonization that affects those of us not living on our own indigenous land.

Week 2, Spirit: The Power of Symbols. In this week we will be exploring how thought forms and paradigms keep us isolated and how we can begin to reclaim this through the use of symbols as keys to our 'enchanted mind'. Each of us will choose a symbol to represent our connection with the spirit realm, and learn simple methods for tuning into messages from spirit guides and allies. 

Week 3, Community: Working with the mythic. In this week's call we will be diving into the elements of myth and the stories we have been taught about our identities, or genders and our roles in the world. During this week we will do some deep diving into identity practices and choosing our own mythic origin story. 

Week 4, The Body: Tying it all together. In this final week we will be tying together the skills we've learned in the previous weeks and rooting them in our physical body by taking the powerful step of creating a blessing ceremony for ourselves. In this week we honor our whole selves, and in doing so, create ripples of change throughout the realms.

Classes begin August 7th and will be held on Mondays.

All classes will be recorded if you cannot make it live.

 All 4 weeks of this class are available for


Class begins August 7th! 

Who is this class for?

Those who want to liberate their souls and remember the lost magic of childhood.

Those looking to re-kindle their creativity,

Those tired of feeling isolated and disillusioned.

Those who see that magic and enchantment are vitally needed as we move forward into the future.

This class is open to all but will involve some deep personal work and exploration of hard topics like privilege, ancestry and personal responsibility. It is open to anyone ready to dive in and do the work, regardless of your beliefs, skill level or background.

The magical practices involved in this class will be accessible to beginners, but rich and rewarding enough for those who are seasoned. This class is also a collective spell to bring back the power of enchantment to the world. 

Why is the price so low?

Normally a class that I taught that had 4 hour long live calls in it would be priced much higher. Usually above $100.

Bringing back enchantment to the world is a spiritual mission of mine. I want this class to be as accessible as possible to anyone who wants to access it.

That is also why for this class, no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Email me here before Friday, August 4th, if you want to participate but lack the funds.

Hi! I'm Allison...

I'm a witch, healer, mother, and queer-femme who believes in the power of enchantment to liberate our souls and restore balance to the worlds.

"Allison is a wonderful teacher"

"Allison is a wonderful teacher who knows how to balance lecture, movement and ritual really well. I learned so many useful tools and how to trust myself."

Nicole Welch

May. 12, 2015

Are you ready to say yes to Enchantment? 

*The inspiration for the content of this class as it relates to the upcoming solar and lunar eclipses in August 2017 came from a conversation I had with astrologer Rhea Wolf.  Watch the interview here to learn more.

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