medium_4483586228So often in this blog we talk about change, how to get what you want.  Learning new things, how to improve.  I’m feeling rather reflective today, as autumn deepens it seems like  a good time to pause, take a deep breath and enjoy what we’ve got.

I’ve been thinking a lot about transformation lately.  Maybe it’s because I get to watch my beautiful son change daily as he moves through infant-hood.  Maybe its the time of year, where we are all awash in nostalgia, with the leaves turning, the harvest coming in.

Usually we talk about the transformation that takes work, digging through personal issues, releasing old stuff, facing hard challenges.  But lately I’ve been witnessing the transformation that happens in an instant.  I guess the gate of birth is like that.  One instant it’s the most exhausting excruciating moment of your entire life, followed by the most sublime,  joyous thing ever.

That’s a dramatic example, but also consider the simple:  sometimes the simple act of just waking up to the beauty that surrounds you at this very moment is transformative.  All too often I’m so concerned with what I have to get done, I view my son’s moods as something to be worked through, an obstacle to my ‘real work’.  He’s fussy and needs a nap, so we lay down on the bed together, I’m wishing I would have brought my ipad in the room with me, but I don’t want to get up and disturb him.  I’ve got a million other things to work on.  I shush him, and rock him, and eventually he’s asleep.  By that point everything else I wanted to get done no longer feels important.  Not nearly as important as holding this small life in my arms, feeling his breath become regular, and smelling his infant smell.  I realize that this moment won’t last forever.  I breathe, I enjoy it, I am transformed.

Becoming present with the moment is a form of instant transformation.  We all have access to it right now, every moment. What in your life helps you come into the present moment?  Take a second right now to enjoy something right in front of you, even if it’s just the sensation of breathing.   Let the moment transform you.  Be sure to leave a comment about your experience below.

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photo credit: Eduardo Amorim via photopin cc

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