Essential Exercises for Empaths

IMG_0639Lifesaving exercises that every empath must know!

If you are an empath (someone who can feel what other people are feeling), or just a highly sensitive person, these exercises are a LIFELINE

Used regularly they can help you:

  • clear icky stuff you may have picked up from other people
  • feel safer and less overwhelmed in public
  • create a safe bubble to be in anytime anywhere
  • distinguish if what you are feeling is truly yours, or just something you are picking up on
  • keep from getting sick or depressed from other people’s drama
  • create meaningful rituals, spells and magic that really packs a punch
  • manifest things you truly desire

It just so happens that these exercises are also the fundamental building blocks for the practice of Magic. They are the building blocks of any ritual, spell or magical working. Not to mention, learning these skills and using them saved my life. So not only will they save your butt, but you can use them to create more Awesomeness in your life every day.  In this class we will cover:

  • Grounding
  • Running Energy
  • Casting a Circle of Protection
  • Clearing Energy

Why the class?

I find that once you have had an introduction like this to the exercises, it creates a physical memory in your body and makes it ten times easier to do them again on your own.

I will walk you through each exercise step by step. 

 I will share with you my tips for overcoming common problems with them like:

“How do I get out my head and focus?”
“I’m afraid I’m just making it up, how do I know its real?” 

Plus, because the exercises are MAGIC, we will actually be making a spell out of them, so there will be time for you to set an intention and have the power of the whole group support that intention. (and no, you won’t have to tell anyone what your intention is). 

Here are the details of the class: 

This class is a recording of a phone class held last August. It is 1 hour and 12 minutes long, you may listen to the recording online or download a copy for later. 

Cost: $20

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