Energy Healing Sessions

I specialize in helping courageous but struggling individuals find their way back to a whole and vibrant life using remote energy medicine and the principles of Five Element Acupuncture.

Do you suspect that stress, anxiety, or depression might be making you sick?

My sessions are done remotely over email or video chat (see below for details), using the power of remote energy healing. The techniques I use in a session are based off of my life-long study of Classical Five Element Acupuncture and buddhist energy clearing techniques. Because energy does not adhere to the normal laws of space, time and distance, I can do these sessions on anyone, anywhere. These sessions are unique from other energy healing modalities out there, because they are essentially like getting Five Element Acupuncture without the needles. I have a Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and I have apprenticed with master practitioners for many years to learn this craft. I bring all my knowledge and skill to our sessions together, combining them with energy clearing techniques that are based off of Buddhist principles. The combination of these two methods allow these treatments to be specific, and effective.


Has trauma left you feeling broken and stuck?

I have an affinity for working with folks who have experienced trauma in one form or another. I know how hard it can be to work uncover old wounds and patterns, and I always approach trauma work with care. My first priority is establishing a strong bond of trust between us. If emotions do come up during the session I have lots of experience with compassionate tending, and helping you ground back into your body, and get to a safer mental space.

Because trauma can often get stored in our physical bodies, I have found energy work to be a really key piece of recovery. Energy work can often have the added benefit of releasing things gently so that you don’t have to re-experience the trauma in order to let it go.

Do you run up against the same roadblocks and emotional issues no matter how hard you try to work on them?

All of us have our struggles.  I can help you make peace with the past so that you can move forward. I have had great results working with patients who suffer from auto-immune diseases, chronic  health problems,  survivors of abuse and trauma,  especially childhood trauma;  and those going through  life transitions such as divorce or losing a loved one.

I am currently offering two types of energy healing sessions. 

The Journey Sessions:

These private one on one sessions offer a deep dive into emotional, physical and energetic healing. They are like 5 Element Acupuncture sessions done remotely using energy healing.

My journey sessions are for you if:

  • you are ready to accept responsibility for your own healing
  • you are ready to say yes to a better life
  • you recognize that your own patterns contribute to illness
  • you are ready to get to know yourself better
  • you want a deeper connection with the world around you
  • you are committed to doing some deep work over a period of time
  • you are a former Acupuncture patient and wish to keep getting treatments from me
  • you have been looking for a 5 Element Acupuncturist but can’t find one in your area, or you hate needles

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Remote Energy Clearing

Sometimes you just need a clearing and you need it in a hurry! Remote Energy Clearing is a way to clear negative energy quickly.

Remote energy clearing is for you if:

  • you don’t want to go into a lot of detail, you just want some energetic help
  • you ‘picked up’ some energy from a situation, event or person and need it cleared right away
  • things just suddenly feel off, and you don’t know why
  • you need an energetic boost between journey sessions
  • you find yourself in a confusing situation and you can’t see clearly how to fix it
  • you had a fight or conflict with a someone or a group of people

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