Journey Sessions

These private one on one sessions offer a deep dive into emotional, physical and energetic healing. At the beginning of our work together we will sit and talk for as long as it take to get to the root of your issues, usually an hour. My focus is really on getting to the emotional root of why you are experiencing illness. I believe that there is always an emotional root to illness, and once we address that root we will see lasting change. During our talk I will be applying the diagnostic principles of Five Element Acupuncture to help us discover your root Elemental stumbling block.

From that diagnosis we will do a series of energy work sessions designed to address the root cause of your issues. Sessions might combine energy clearing, remote acu-point work, guided imagery and meditation.

If you are a new client and would like a chance to meet and ask questions before booking, please schedule a free 10 minute consult.

Cost: Initial session (2 hours): $170 (Schedule a free 10 min consult below!)

Follow up session (one hour): $120 (return patients only, schedule below!)

When you book you will be asked if you want to donate to my Pay-it-Forward fund. This fund goes towards providing grants to those who cannot afford my work. Read more about it here. Donations are completely optional.

Here is what others have said about the Journey Sessions:

I felt so much better after our session. I was finally able to move past [an upsetting] incident that happened that Friday and while my headache didn’t go away completely, my neck muscles, which were super tight and spasming, totally loosened up and felt better. It was wonderful. I was able to get a really great adjustment later that day and by the next day felt significantly better! I really felt a difference with the energy work you did!  Robin Ray Green, Acupuncturist and Author of Heal Your Child from the Inside Out

 “In the last couple of months I’ve noticed sleep challenges, where I wake up in the middle of the night, with my mind racing. It’s been affecting my productivity.  I love 5 Element Acupuncture. I have done this as a treatment for years, until my acupuncturist moved out of town. Since then, I haven’t had the opportunity to continue this type of work. So with Allison’s offer, I thought it was a great way to explore this path again. I have found this type of work to go deeper, at a spiritual level, like no other. My experience during the treatment of first of being deeply listened to and understood. Then it was deeply relaxing. Afterwards, on that same night I was able to sleep profoundly and at ease.  If you are curious or you already love 5 Element Acupuncture, give this a try for sure. I think this is specially true if you are sensitive to energies and this modality of healing. Above all else, come with an open mind!” Vanessa Couto, Astrological coach and Artist.

“I was surprised at how much I liked it given we weren’t in the same physical location. I could still feel your energy coming all the way from Alaska through my screen and it felt to me like we were in the same room.” Meg Panichelli.


Here’s what other’s have said about working one-on-one with me:

“Allison holds the energy of the Mother Goddess. When I am in her presence, she holds a space where the Mother can lift my burdens – all the things my mind thinks it needs to carry, all the details of providing for MYSELF as a human on the planet—and for the moment of that experience with her, I am suddenly unconsciously free. I never actually KNOW that the burden is being lifted; what I experience is a sudden clarity and awareness of the right thing for ME to do. When I step away from her, my burdens settle back into place but I retain the mercy of that perspective, that clarity, so that I am able to go forward on my path instead of staggering in circles.” Moe Bowstern


When I started seeing Allison, I was a wreck. My heart was totally broken. I was finally dealing with my childhood sexual abuse, and I was completely overwhelmed by the pain of it and crying all the time. Acupuncture had always been uncomfortable for me, and sometimes scary and painful, because being present in my body was so complicated. I am so thankful that I found her. I never once felt doubt or judgment or false sympathy from her, and I always felt safe and protected. She turned out to play a huge role in helping me figure out how to heal myself and learn to live in my body again.”Anonymous age 40.


“I am so grateful I had the good sense to start seeing Allison last year. At first I had my doubts, like what is acupuncture really gonna do for me? But week by week, she has known exactly what to do to support me through difficult emotional work, creative blocks, and my journey towards healing and restoring myself. Its not even a whole year later, and my whole life has changed in so many ways. I am on a better career path, have better boundaries, and I have released much of the emotional baggage that has weighed me down for years. I credit the time spent with her in acupuncture as a critical fueling station on my journey towards a happier and healthier Me. Allison’s acupuncture is kind of like therapy-in that she lovingly listens to your situation whatever it might be, but instead of just talking about the problem, the acupuncture creates a change. I always leave feeling so grounded and grateful to have been able to work with her. Thanks Allison, you are a miracle worker! ” Erin age 30

Not quite ready for a big commitment? Remote Clearing Sessions are a great way to get an intro to my work!

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