Magical Coaching

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Are you Ready to go deeper?

Discover the unique gifts you have to offer to the world.
Get to know your ‘team’ of spirit guides, allies and guardians.
Be part of the global change that is needed for humans to continue thriving on this planet.
Heal old stories or limiting beliefs that keep you from fully embracing your power.
Tap into more joy and meaning in your everyday life.


I offer a limited number of spots for one-on-one coaching.

I believe that each person is here to contribute something unique to this world. When you don’t know your purpose it is difficult to live in alignment with the values of global change. The time is now! Step up and start living your truth, the future of the planet depends on it.

My coaching sessions center around the tools and practice of magic. Magic is a set of ancient practices that has been used in all cultures to imbue life with more meaning and affect change.  Magic is not a religion. It is a mindset shift.

I use magic because it is the most powerful tool I have found for self-discovery and healing.

Opening the door to this work isn’t always easy.  Knowing ourselves fully means taking responsibility for our lives in a whole new way.  It means embracing the parts of ourselves we keep hidden.  That is why I’m here to help every step of the way.  I offer this work in a container of unconditional love and respect for everyone I work with.

Work with me!

How the sessions work:

 All my sessions are done over the phone or skype.

Our first 30 minute session is absolutely free. During this session you can ask any questions you have about the process. This give us a chance to get to know each other and see if we are a good match.

If we do decide to work together, sessions will include a mix of strategic conversation, guided visualization, energetic training, and homework. It usually works best to meet twice a month. Payment is required at the time of scheduling. Fees for my hourly sessions are $75.

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Here is what people have said about working with me:

Allison holds the energy of the Mother Goddess. When I am in her presence, she holds a space where the Mother can lift my burdens – all the things my mind thinks it needs to carry, all the details of providing for MYSELF as a human on the planet—and for the moment of that experience with her, I am suddenly unconsciously free.  I never actually KNOW that the burden is being lifted; what I experience is a sudden clarity and awareness of the right thing for ME to do.  When I step away from her, my burdens settle back into place but I retain the mercy of that perspective, that clarity, so that I am able to go forward on my path instead of staggering in circles.  Moe Bowstern

I am so grateful I had the good sense to start seeing Allison last year. Week by week, she has known exactly what to do to support me through difficult emotional work, creative blocks, and my journey towards healing and restoring myself. Its not even a whole year later, and my whole life has changed in so many ways. I am on a better career path, have better boundaries, and I have released much of the emotional baggage that has weighed me down for years.   Erin L.

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I’m interested but skeptical, will it still work?

I get it if you are skeptical.  I’m an analytical thinker, it took me years to over come my skepticism.  And I know from experience that if you are like me, you have to see for yourself, not just have someone tell you.  That is why in sessions with me, we will emphasize you finding your own truth.  I’m not someone who is going to give you a reading and tell you all sorts of things about yourself.  I do use my intuition in sessions, and will give you my perspective on the information I receive, but ultimately my goal is to teach you how to know for yourself what is true and what is not.

I don’t understand what Magic is?

Magic is the word I use for the ancient art of using your intention to bring about change in the world.  Magic is about finding meaning in the co-incidences and seemingly random events of life. Magic is about discovering the world hidden in plain sight.  Its about being open to limitless possibilities and miracles in everyday life.  The magical training I have came from a pagan wiccan tradition.  But the skills I teach in my coaching can fit a variety of spiritual beliefs and worldviews.

But I don’t have any kind of intuitive or psychic abilities at all, can we still do coaching?

Everyone has intuitive and psychic abilities, just most people don’t know how to use them.  I used to be exactly like you, and I didn’t believe that I had any intuitive abilities.  I learned how to use mine and so can you!

What exactly can you teach me?

I am a trained practitioner of Chinese Medicine, magic and the sacred arts.  The skills I teach will depend on your individual needs and challenges, but they may include the following: creating sacred space, casting a circle, protections spells, trance work, meeting your spirit guides, connecting with ancestors, knowing how your intuition  works, Chinese energetic anatomy, Five Element theory, spell work, altar building, energetic grounding, crafting a personal rituals, and so much more. I am not an oracle or medium, meaning I don’t give readings with Tarot or other divination decks, but I sometimes prescribe exercises that involve working with a deck of your choice.  If there is something you are interested in learning let me know, if I can’t teach it, I will find you a referral for someone who does.

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