Remote Energy Clearing

Sometimes you just need a clearing and you need it in a hurry! Remote energy clearing is a way to clear negative energy, release stuck emotions, get movement in a specific situation, or help yourself come to a solution. When you schedule a Remote Energy Clearing I will do the clearing within 24 hours of your booking it, usually sooner, and email you when it is done. Then we will schedule an email check in for one week later just to make sure you are feeling a shift around your issue. I can do:

  • full personal clearings,
  • clearing for specific situations in your life,
  • relationship clearings
  • clearings on specific issues
  • a combination of one or more of these methods.

When clearing is used the aim is always to clear for the highest good of those involved. Sometimes this doesn’t look how you expect it to. Clearing is different than manifesting, because clearing works with what already IS, rather than what might be.

After you complete your payment below you will be directed to a page with an email form for you to fill out. Please give me as much detail as possible.

Please note: there are no refunds on clearing sessions, and I do not guarantee specific results. Clearing works and is powerful, but it looks different for different people.  

Cost: $45

Yes I want a Remote Energy Clearing!

What others have said about my remote energy clearing:

“I felt an internal shift in my energy after you began, like a sigh of relief after feeling so stressed all day.” Shelley Sisson

Thanks Allison!! I really did feel “clear” today. It was one of the first days I have enjoyed my day in a while!” Abby Rapaport, Acupuncturist

If you are looking for more in-depth, one on one healing sessions, you should check out my Journey Sessions. 

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