Are You Ready To Activate Your Magical Life?

Live a life of purpose and action by harnessing the magic that flows around you and THROUGH you each and every second of your life.

You’ve heard the call – the desire – to join the rising movement. That’s why you found me. That’s why I’m here.

So I need to ask you…

Are you ready to heed the call inside of your heart?

And more importantly: Are you ready to be a part of the change that needs to happen?

Hi, I'm Allison Carr. Since discovering how to live a magical life, I have begun living out my deepest purpose.

I have found my personal power.

I have found a community that supports and strengthens me, I have found my own connection to the world.

More important than any accomplishment, living a magical life has meant knowing how I serve and how I am here to make the world a better place.

It is time to step up.

We are living through incredible times. Many of us are feeling the uncertainty in very real and scary ways.

We need a safe place where we can be in circle, connect to each other, form community and remember our magical selves.

I have been creating that kind of space for my students for 3 years now.

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A Year of Self-Discovery & Self-Initiation

Journey through the year using the Sacred Wheel as a guide to discover your innate magical talents, or deepen an existing practice, to make this year like none you have every experienced. 

You will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

You will better understand what you are here to do! 

What is the Sacred Wheel? 

​It's a path of transformation following the 8 sacred holidays of the pagan calendar called the Wheel of the Year. The wisdom of these holidays shows us that we are always moving in and out of both the light and the dark. When we move with intention, change happens. We change, everything around us changes. 

Hidden within the symbolism and pageantry of ancient celebrations is a mystery teaching about self-initiation, realizing your fullest potential and discovering why you are here. 

I help you discover these mysteries using a series of rituals in self-transformation on or near each of of the holidays. 

Synchronicities will be heightened, and life will give you exactly the lessons you need at the very moment you need them. 

There will be no more guesswork about how you are here to contribute!

Although you will learn in the comfort of your own home, you are never alone on this journey. You will discover a powerful support network with kindred souls from all over the world. ​

Your Sacred Wheel Journey Begins:

Imbolc: February 5th

The earth is awakening from its winter slumber. It is time to wake up and take a stand. On Imbolc you say yes to life! Our class begins with a vow to live our lives as a magical act. 

  • ​Discover the YES your heart longs to shout to the world.
  • Make your commitment and set the wheel in motion to bring you what you desire. 

This is the day that changes everything for you.

I know because it changed everything for me. I made a commitment to living for a whole year as if my life were an act of magic. I went from living in a trailer in someone's driveway and working two dead-end jobs to at the end of that year, I was in grad-school on my way to fullfiling a life-long dream. 

Ostara: March 20th

Life is beginning to bloom all around us. Now is the time to plant the seed. The ground is fertile. Your creative forces are at their peak. 

  • ​Learn about practices to foster creativity and fertility in your life.
  • Bless and plant the seeds for what you want to consciously create in 2016.

Fertility is about so much more than just babies, it is about our ability to nurture and birth our dreams. This is a time for you to reflect on what 'seeds' or intentions you want to cultivate for the year. It's impossible for the plants to grow if you do not first plant the seeds. 

Beltane: May 1st

The fires are lit, the seeds are planted, now it is time for you to connect with your deepest desires.

  • ​Tap into your most powerful magical tool: passion
  • Let the fires of Beltane burn away that which blocks you from your heart's desire.

Connecting to the power of Beltane will help you unblock what is keeping you from fulfilling your dreams. 

The first time I consciously celebrated the intention of Beltane, I realized how much I had been stifling my own desires. Before I realized this, if I wanted something I would pretend that I didn't, so that I wouldn't be disappointed. I learned that if I never let myself dream big, I would never ever get anything I truly wanted. 

Litha: June 18th

The sun reaches its zenith. Fruit is beginning to set on the trees. You are challenged to grow as big as you can before starting to return inward. 

  • ​Stretch out under the full sun of mid-summer and give yourself a vision of life with no limits.
  • What would it look like if you expanded as far as you could go? 

How would your life change if you were noticed by others?

Being big and getting noticed was always a challenge for me. When I finally walked through the summer solstice gate in this way, I let myself realize how powerful I truly was. I realized that I would never be of service by acting smaller than I truly was. 

Lammas: July 31st

The first glimpses of the harvest are beginning. The fruit that set on the Solstice is sweet and ready to be enjoyed. It is time to stop reaching outward, and relax and receive. 

  • ​Ritually receive and savor the sweetness of your labor so that what you want begins to flow effortlessly into your life. 
  • Explore your relationship to receiving so that you stop blocking your own success. 

Taking time out to savor is just as important as taking time to work.

This holiday taught me that I needed to take time to savor what I had consciously created. I spent so much time trying to get there, that I didn't enjoy myself when I finally did. The big lesson that Lammas held for me was to relax and receive the good things I had created. When I did that, I was better able to really show up in life and do my work. 

Mabon: September 21st

The harvest is in full swing. There is more abundance now in your life than you ever dreamed possible. As you assess what has brought you the most satisfaction and joy, your true purpose becomes clearer. 

  • ​Discover the paradise that already surrounds you by using powerful gratitude practices to honor the miracles present in your life. 
  • Get crystal clear about your purpose by looking at the abundance you have created this year. 

A little gratitude can go a long way:

I will admit it, I was always kind of a skeptic of gratitude. It felt forced, like something we are supposed to do. When I finally tapped into the true meaning of gratitude I realized that I could change my entire life in literally 5 seconds. 

Samhain: October 30th

The harvest is all stored away for winter. Heed the call to turn inward, and honor the ancestors.

  • Create even more peace and abundance in your life by clearing and releasing anything that does not serve your highest purpose.
  • Create a rock-solid foundation for spiritual support by honoring those who have come before you and connecting with your ancestors. 

There is no way to allow the new to continually come in if the old is hanging around taking up space. 

The biggest lesson Samhain has taught me is that, in trying to please everyone, I end up failing every time. The lessons of this holiday have taught me to hold to what is most important, and it is ok to let go of something, even if I thought I wanted it in the beginning. 

Yule: December 11th

All is till and quiet outside, you cultivate an internal bright light to sustain you through the winter. 

  • Gain powerful tools and practices for finding your 'light' and your compass even in dark times. 
  • Re-evaluate and create meaningful traditions that make the December holidays a joyful and stress-free time. 

Creating your own traditions allows the holiday seasons to flow through you -- not into you.

Learning the true meaning behind the symbolism and the gifts of Yule changed the way I looked at the whole "Christmas" thing. Now I celebrate it as a time to recharge and connect with my family and community. It has made such a difference to star the New Year out refreshed, not exhausted and in debt. 

This program is for you if: 

  • You are looking for a deeper connection to yourself and a community of people who understand you on a deep level. 

  • If you have been starting to discover your own intuition and realize that you might sense things other people may not. 

  • Are craving a place to connect to the magic present in all things. 
  • You are ready to make 2017 the year you decide to dive deep and discover your truest purpose. 
  • Realize that self-discovery isn't just enough for you, you want to make a difference in the world. 
  • Have a deep love of nature and want to know how to best act on her behalf. 

Who Am I? 

Hi, I'm Allison Carr. I'm a Priestess, healer, coach and mother. 

And I want to be YOUR MENTOR.

The first year I committed to celebrating the sacred holidays of the Wheel of the Year, my whole life changed radically. 

I started out the year aimless, miserable and broke. I was working two dead-end jobs I hated, I was in a relationship that was going nowhere, and I was broke, literally living in a trailer in my friend's driveway to save money (I'm not joking!). By the end of the year I had stared grad-school to become a Chinese Medicine practitioner, and I had bought my first house. But what was more amazing than that, is that by the end of that year I had finally found my purpose, my calling. I had finally accepted what a powerful and magical person I was. 

Since that year the miracles have not stopped

I completed a 4 year training in mystical studies and became a priestess. I graduated with a Master's degree, started a successful practice doing work that I loved. I met my soul-mate and together we brought our son into the world. 

This doesn't mean I no longer struggle just like everyone else, but now I understand how my struggles fit into a larger picture. 

I'm no longer locked in the cycle of misery that I was before. I found that once I incorporated the Wheel of the Year into my spiritual practice, I had a context for my struggles and a way of applying them to my life's purpose instead of feeling hopeless and trapped by them. 

Now that I am on my 3rd year of guiding others through the cycles of light and dark that make up the Wheel, I have witnessed how this process changes my students. As they grow to realize their own power, they cannot help but become part of the change so desperately needed.

We arrive at this year with our work cut out for us, I'm ready to see you discover what you are here to do. Are you? 

What My Student Have to Say

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“This year I found my power”

"I have never felt to in-sync, at- ease and trusting of the process of life. This year I found my power. I became strong, I finally followed my inner voice and cultivated a confidence that had been lost to me for many years. I know what is important to me in life, I know what I want and I will continue the cycle next year, as I am dreaming bigger and now have the confidence in my own capabilities to create something inline with my authentic being."

Eileen Lafleur
- Yoga Teacher

“...HUGE shifts in my consciousness.”

"The Sacred Wheel Immersion has helped me baby step my way toward recognizing the passing of time in a tangible way - and I gained the knowledge that I can play a role in that passage, rather than be in the backseat. I learned new ways of engaging with time and new tools to utilize that allow me to focus and reflect - super helpful! Those are both HUGE shifts in my consciousness."

John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I am definitely not the same person I was a year ago!”

"I was struggling with conflict in my marriage, feeling dissatisfied and angry and extremely sad much of the time. I was longing to find a new way of looking at my life, to find a different perspective that would help me to make the changes I was longing for within myself, regardless of external circumstances. The vow Allison shared with us in our first class, as we placed our lives in a magical container for a year-and-a-day shifted my perception dramatically. I felt I finally had a solid foundation and a way to focus and believe in, and honor, myself.

Did my marriage suddenly become everything I wanted it to be? Honestly, no. More importantly though, the yearlong immersion in the Sacred Wheel of the Year provided such a powerful shift deep within me that I am definitely not the same person I was a year ago! What Allison and this class opened to me will be a part of my life: day to day, and season to season, for the rest of my life."

Shelley Sisson

Three Ways to Join the Sacred Wheel

The Circle 

This is for you if you are curious about magic and pagan traditions and want a low commitment practice for adding more enchantment and celebration into your life.

  • 8 group teaching calls on the history and lore of each holiday. 
  • Private FB Group
  • Gorgeous PDF Downloads for each holiday explaining the history and additional rituals you can practice at home.
  • Monthly live guest teachers.


The Apprentice

This is for you if you want to practice group magic and dive deeper into your purpose as well as having a transformational year. 

  • Includes everything in the CIRCLE.
  • 8 inspired LIVE rituals, one for each holiday. 
  • Rituals will be held using live stream video.
  • Access to Spirit Guides 101: a four week virtual program in early spring. 
  • Access to monthly Magic Lesson Videos teaching you the basics of energetic magic. 


The Initiate

This is for you if you wish to go deep into your magical journey, if you consider bringing your magical skills into your professional life, or if you are considering the priestess path.

This program is transformational particularly if you work in the healing professions and want to bring priestess skills or magical work into your healing practice.​

  • Includes everything in The CIRCLE & APPRENTICE levels. 
  • 8 hours of personal mentorship with me. 
  • 8 additional mastermind calls with the others in the Initiate level. 
  • LIVE RETREAT in Portland, late May. 

 $199/month *

*plus $500 retreat deposit

This part of the program is by application only. I'm only offering 8 spots. Click the link below to apply!

Registration Closes Friday, February 4th at 12 midnight PST!


What people have said about working with me....

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“The lessons I learned with Allison will stay with me for life!”

"A year ago, I had just started on a personal journey of spiritual exploration and discovery, and I felt called to join Allison's inaugural Sacred Wheel of the Year class. Going into the course, I was a little nervous - I had no experience with pagan, nature-based rituals, as I was born and raised a Roman Catholic. Despite my initial nerves, I was delighted as the course unfolded over the year - the rituals on the calls were absolutely lovely (one moved me to tears, an experience I'll never forget), and truly helped me discover the Divine in nature. I've gained a new respect for witchcraft and earth-based spirituality and learned so much about the pagan holidays and the beauty of the cycle Mother Earth goes through each year, and I love reflecting on the lessons of each milestone throughout the year. I honestly feel the lessons I learned with Allison will stay with me for life! Allison herself is such a warm presence - a giving, authentic, kind, and supportive teacher. She infused her lessons with respect, humor, and her own special brand of magic. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher to introduce me to this new world, and I'm so glad I heeded that call a year ago!"

Jenn Gonslaves
- Wedding Officiant

“I experience a sudden clarity...”

"Allison holds the energy of the Mother Goddess. When I am in her presence, she holds a space where the Mother can lift my burdens - all the things my mind thinks it needs to carry, all the details of providing for MYSELF as a human on the planet - and for the moment of that experience with her, I am suddenly unconsciously free. I never actually KNOW that the burden is being lifted; what I experience is a sudden clarity and awareness of the right thing for ME to do. When I step away from her, my burdens settle back into place but I retain the mercy of that perspective, that clarity, so that I am able to go forward on my path instead of staggering in circles."

Moe Bowstern
- Writer and Performer
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I felt welcome and encouraged to share”

"Allison's Sacred Wheel Journey facilitated a greater awareness in my life of the magic present and acceptance of myself on a higher level. My most potent takeaway is that all qualities of life experience- those you could label either light or dark times- are all equally important aspects of a positive magical process. I felt welcome and encouraged to share and honored even when I chose not too. Thank you to all of our amazing circle!"

Nine DeJanvier

Still Not Quite Sure?

This is supposed to be the part of the page where I try and talk you into signing up, but honestly that isn't how I role. I believe that everyone who finds me does so because they feel called. So let me ask you:

Is this the year where you finally answer the call?

You have probably known you were different your whole life. You can feel a connection with nature, mythology and lore excite you. You know you were meant to walk a magical path but it feels scary. I get it, that is exactly how I felt before I took the first step. 

We do this work in group and in circle so that we no longer feel alone on the path. As humans we need community. It not only makes life better, but having a group to work with actually amplifies the magic. Rituals are stronger, their outcomes more effective. 

Is this the year for you to step onto the magical path?

You know things need to change in the world, but how can once person make a difference? When you step onto the magical path your work here in the world will become clear to you. One person cannot fix everything, but one person, aligned with their soul's work, can absolutely change the world. We are all here to do our work, and our work is the only thing we really can do. Doing nothing and just being discouraged isn't helping anyone. We have never needed your particular magic as bad as we need it now!

Are you looking for a teacher who really gets you and isn't afraid to hold space for everything you might be experiencing

I believe in the self-acceptance model of transformation. Only when we truly and fully accept ourselves just as we are, do we have the power to transform. I believe that all feeling are valid, and you will never be told you are being "low vibe" or too heavy. As a queer cis-woman I recognize how oppression intersects in different ways for each of us. We need safety and connection in order to grow and discover our magic. If you are tired of trying to push through all by yourself, it is probably time to find a teacher and community. I can be that teacher for you, this could be that community. 

Even by taking the time to find this page, you are already starting down the path towards your true purpose.

If some part of your heart leapt at the idea of stepping into a magical year, you have already started down that path. Just by admitting to yourself that you want this, you have already set in motion the magic that will bring it to you. It is already happening!!

So Why Should I Really Join this Program?

Excellent question! Sign up because you are ready to say YES! Because you want an experienced mentor to guide you! Because you want community along the way! Because it would be a radical act of self-care and joy! 

Sign up because we are better and stronger when we do this work together! ​

My Magical Guarantee!

I am very confident that if you follow all the rituals, attend all of our calls, ask questions & do all of the assignments, that you will turn your life into a magical existence by the end of the year. 

However, if after the 1st 15 days you are not in love with the program's path, I will happily refund your money and wish you good luck. You will be required to turn in all of your assignments before you can receive your refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

I already celebrate these holidays, why is this class different? 

A year seems long, what if I want to see change in my life sooner than that? 

What if I lose focus or interest halfway through the year? Won't it be a waste of time? 

What is Spirit Guides 101? How can I learn more about that class?

These sound religious, is this a religious class?

I prefer to keep to myself. Do I have to participate in the Facebook group?

Can I get my money back if this just isn't for me? 

What is included in the Magic Lessons.

Do you have more questions? Feel free to email me at

I'm ready to Join!