Are You Ready To Activate Your Magical Life?

Live a life of Miracles by harnessing the magic that flows around you and THROUGH you each and every second of your life.

You’ve heard the call – the desire – to change the way you live your life. That’s why you found me. That’s why I’m here.

So I need to ask you…

Are you ready to heed the call inside of your heart?

Many think living a magical life are only for those characters found inside of books like “Harry Potter”. However, I can tell you from personal experience that’s not true.


Wouldn’t you like to live the magical life of having energy work with you instead of against you? Through self-discovery and self- initiation you can learn how to do just that!

No one is born a master at anything. Everyone is a novice until they have a mentor who will hold their hand and show them the way.

I am that mentor. I can be YOUR mentor.

Allison is a wonderful teacher who knows how to balance lecture, movement and ritual really well. I learned so many useful tools and how to trust myself.

Nicole Welch

A Year of Self-Discovery & Self Initiation:

Journey through the year using the Sacred Wheel as a guide to discover your innate magical talents, or deepen an existing practice, to make this year like none you have ever experienced.

You will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Your life WILL move forward!

Hidden within the symbolism and pageantry of ancient celebrations is a mystery teaching about self-initiation, realizing your fullest potential and discovering why you are here.

I help you use the progression of the holidays throughout the year as a path of self-initiation by using a series of rituals in self-transformation on or near each of the holidays.

Synchronicity will be heightened, miracles will happen, and life will give you exactly the lessons you need at the very moment you need them. ​

There will be no more guesswork about what you need to do to move forward with your life!

Although you will learn in the comfort of your own home, you are never alone on this journey. You will discover a powerful support network with kindred souls from all over the world.

Allison is truly brilliant at heart's desire. I will probably remember this one session I had with her for the rest of my life. Seriously. I was totally ashamed about a particular fantasy of mine. She encouraged me to really go into it. Like. Imagine. Every. Single. Embarrassing. Detail. I did and Allison helped me break it down. She helped me hear what my desire was telling me. Turns out it was my life's purpose. That's what I'm saying: in one hour, Allison helped me articulate my life's purpose, something I had been trying to do for, oh, 28 years. I'm so thankful that Allison is in the world, doing what she's doing. I can't recommend her enough.

Lydia Child

What is so special about these holidays?

These holidays represent potent powerful times of transformation in the year. But this program isn't just about celebrating the seasons, rather we will be using the progression of the holidays throughout the year as a path of self-initiation.  

Hidden within the symbolism and pageantry of these ancient celebrations is a mystery teaching about self-initiation, realizing your fullest potential and discovering why you are here. 

The heart of the class will be a series of rituals in self-transformation led by me, on or near each of the holidays.

By using magic and ritual as the basis of this class, we are creating the very situations in our lives that we need in order to change. 

Synchronicity will be heightened, miracles will happen, and life will give us exactly the lessons we need at the very moment we need them. ​

You will discover a powerful support network with kindred souls from all over the world. Because classes are small you will have plenty of time to bond with your classmates. I was skeptical of online classes when I first signed up for one, but I have been amazed at the bonds and friendships I have made through these groups. Your classmates will understand your journey like no one else. ​

All classes take place over the phone, there will be a short discussion of each holiday, a powerful ritual where we will use reflection and visualization, and time for sharing and questions at the end of each class. The class also includes access to a private forum on Facebook for asking questions and forming lasting bonds with your classmates.

Allison holds the energy of the Mother Goddess. When I am in her presence, she holds a space where the Mother can lift my burdens – all the things my mind thinks it needs to carry, all the details of providing for MYSELF as a human on the planet—and for the moment of that experience with her, I am suddenly unconsciously free. I never actually KNOW that the burden is being lifted; what I experience is a sudden clarity and awareness of the right thing for ME to do. When I step away from her, my burdens settle back into place but I retain the mercy of that perspective, that clarity, so that I am able to go forward on my path instead of staggering in circles.

Moe Bowstern

Class format

Here are the classes and the dates of the rituals we will share together. All classes will be help by phone, and will be recorded if you are unable to attend live. 

Imbolc: February 1st

It is here that our journey begins. The earth is awakening from it's winter slumber. It is time to wake up and take a stand. On Imbolc we say yes to life!

  • Discover what your heart longs to say yes to.
  • Make your commitment and set the wheel in motion to bring you what you desire.

This was the day that changed everything for me, I made a commitment to living for a whole year as if my life were an act of magic. At the end of that year, I was in grad-school on my way to fulfilling a life-long dream.

Ostara: March 21st

Life is beginning to bloom all around us. Now it is time to plant the seed. The ground is fertile. Our creative forces are at their peak.

  • Learn about practices to foster creativity and fertility in your life.
  • Bless and plant the seeds for what you want to consciously create in 2015.

For me this means checking in with what my systems for self care are and noticing if they really truly feed me. Fertility is about so much more than just babies, it is about our ability to nurture and birth our dreams. This is also a time when I reflect on what 'seeds' or intentions I want to cultivate for the year. 

Beltain: May 2nd

The fires are lit, the seed has been planted, now it is time for us to connect with our deepest desires.

  • Tap into your most powerful magical tool: passion!
  • Let the fires of Beltain burn away that which blocks you from your heart's desire.

The first time I consciously celebrated the intention of Beltain, I realized how much I had been stifling my own desires. Before I realized this, if I wanted something I would pretend that I didn't, so that I wouldn't be disappointed. I learned that if I never let myself dream big, I would never ever get anything I truly wanted. 

Lithia: June 20th

The sun reaches its zenith. Fruit is beginning to set on the trees. We are challenged to grow as big as we can before starting to return inward.

  • Stretch out under the full sun of mid-summer and give yourself a vision of life with no limits.
  • What would it look like if you expanded as far as you could go?

Being big and getting noticed was always a challenge for me. When I finally walked through the summer solstice gate in this way, I let myself realize how powerful I truly was. I realized that I would never be of service by acting smaller than I truly was.  

Lammas: August 2nd

The first glimpses of the harvest are beginning. The fruit that set on the Solstice is sweet and ready to be enjoyed. It is time to stop reaching outward, and to relax and receive.

  • Ritually receive and savor the sweetness of your labor so that what you want begins to flow effortlessly into your life.
  • Explore your relationship to receiving so that you stop blocking your own success. 

This holiday taught me that I needed to take time to savor what I had consciously created. I spent so much time trying to get there, that I didn't enjoy myself when I finally did. The big lesson that Lammas held for me was to relax and receive the good things I had created. When I did that, I was better able to really show up in life and do my work.

Mabon: September 20th

The harvest is in full swing. There is more abundance than you could have ever dreamt of.  As you assess what has brought you the most satisfaction and joy, your true purpose becomes more clear.

  • Discover the paradise that already surrounds you by using powerful gratitude practices to honor the miracles present in your life.
  • Get crystal clear about your purpose by looking  at the abundance you have created this year.

I wil admit it, I was always kind of a skeptic of gratitude. It felt forced, like something we are supposed to do. When I finally tapped into the true meaning of gratitude I realized that I could change my entire life in literally 5 seconds. 

Samhain: November 1st

​The harvest is all stored away for winter. Heed the call to turn inward, and honor the ancestors.

  • Create even more peace and abundance in your life by clearing and releasing anything that does not serve your highest purpose.
  • Create a rock-solid foundation for spiritual support by honoring those who have come before you and connecting with your ancestors.

Saying no has always been hard for me, I love to please everyone. The biggest lesson Samhain has taught me is that I in trying to please everyone I end up failing every time. The lessons of this holiday have taught me to hold to what is most important, and that it is ok to let go of something, even if I thought I wanted it in the beginning. 

Yule: December 13th

​All is still and quiet outside, we cultivate an internal bright light to sustain us through the winter.

      • Gain powerful tools and practices for finding your 'light' and your compass even in dark times.
      • Re-evaluate and create meaningful traditions that make the December holidays a joyful and stress-free time.

      Learning the true meaning behind the symbolism and the gifts of Yule changed the way I looked at the whole "Christmas" thing. Now I celebrate it as a time to recharge and connect with my family and community. It has made such a difference to start the New Year out refreshed, not exhausted and in debt. 

      There will be a final closing class call in January 2016, TBD by the group availability. 

      Tuition for this one year immersion is


      This includes 8 live phone rituals and group coaching calls, a PDF to download for each holiday, access to a private Facebook group for connecting with me and your classmates, plus a special discount for private sessions. Class size is extremely limited, which will give you plenty of time for personalized attention. Don't miss your spot, sign up now!

      Registration closes January 31st and Midnight Pacific Time. Don't miss out!

      This Program is for you if:

      • You are longing for a deeper connection to yourself and to a community of people who understand you on a deep level.
      • If you have been starting to discover your own intuition and realize that you might sense things other people may not.
      • Are curious about magical practices and ritual and are searching for a way to learn more.
      • You are ready to make 2015 the year you decide to dive deep and discover your truest purpose.
      • Realize that self-discovery isn't just enough for you, you want to make a difference in the world.
      • Have a deep love of nature and want to form a more spiritual connection with the earth.


      I already celebrate these holidays, why is this class different? 

      In this class we will be focusing on using these holidays as a template for self-growth, for initiation into the mysteries of the seasons and the earth. I will give historical and cultural background for many traditions around these holidays, but the emphasis will be on you developing your own internal sense of what needs to shift in your life. The rituals will be opportunities for great transformation.

      These sound religious, is this a religious class?

      This class doesn't focus on any specific religion or practice. Emphasis will be placed on connecting to your own wisdom, and the wisdom of the earth. I will teach specific practices for tuning in and getting information from the spirit realm and from nature, but we will not adhere to any one religion.

      A year seems so long, what if I want to see change in my life sooner than that?

      ​Making the commitment to consciously foster growth and change in your life will transform you almost immediately. Plus each call will focus on a specific area of growth, and each ritual is designed to bring about transformation in that area.  While the changes you have accomplished will be most apparent after the year is over, you will begin seeing your life transform from the very beginning. 

      Do you have a payment plan?

      Yes! I can set up a payment plan if you need one. Email me at

      What is your refund policy?

      I offer a 15 day money back guarantee. If you decide you don't like the class for any reason I will refund the tuition in full. Because this class requires a commitment on your part, I am unable to give a refund after 15 days. 

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