Space Clearing

Your house is the physical manifestations of your energy. If I spent just few minutes in your house I could  tell you a lot about what you love, where you struggle and where you are stuck.

You may be focused on clearing clutter in your home, but have you ever paid attention to the energy that is flowing within your home?

Your home should be a base for nurturing and replenishing yourself and your family. Your home may not feel like a haven, it might be place of conflict, tension or unresolved emotions. Sometimes your home can be filled with the emotional residue of the people who lived there before you, or from traumatic events that may have occurred during or before you lived there.

While energy clearing doesn’t directly clear clutter in the home, it may help reduce the collection of clutter in certain areas. This is because clutter tends to collect in areas that are stagnant or stuck in some way. But energy clearing does so much more than create a home that is easier to keep clean. When I clear the energy of your space, it will open up opportunities to create great change in your life.

This is because your homes is the physical manifestations of the energy of your life, your family and your relationship. Clearing is a powerful tool to release you from places were you are stuck in unhealthy patterns. Clear your home, clear your life.

There are lots of ways to clear space, maybe you’ve already tried clearing the energy in your home with sage, or essential oils, these methods work to freshen up the energy, but sometimes you need a systematic and thorough cleansing.

When I do a space clearing for you, I will:

  • Complete a systematic clearing of the Qi (energy) flow in each room of your home. This will clear out any leftover emotional residue from traumatic events, chronic areas of habitual tension, or just the buildup that happens from everyday human life.
  • Address any intrinsic energy flow issues in the geography of the earth underneath your home that might be causing stress to collect in certain areas of your house. (did you even realize this was a thing?)
  • Clear the effects that EMFs might be having on you or your family.
  • Scan and check for any other nonliving energies that might be making your home less than pleasant. (These are actually quite rare, but yes, I’m talking about ghosts here)
  • Do a full personal clearing for you and everyone who lives in your home.
  •  Finally, together we will place an energy field around your home that protects the house from unwanted influences, and allows your house to be a reflection of your love.

Space clearing can be used by anyone, but should definitely be considered in the following situations:

Any home that has been the site of a trauma, accident, divorce, or death.

A new home you just bought that had previous residents.

A home you are having trouble selling.

A home that has recently undergone a major re-arrangment in family structure or roommates.

Any home that has unexplained and unsettling phenomena or noises that occur.

A home that just doesn’t feel right, tends to collect a lot of clutter, pests, or is hard to sleep in.

How it works:

If you live in the Fairbanks or outlying areas, I will come to your home to do the clearing. This can take anywhere between 3-6 hours depending on house size an energy present in the home.

If you live out of town, we can clear your home remotely. Energy doesn’t obey the normal laws of physics and works with equal potency close by or from a distance. In this case I will use a hand drawn floor plan of your house that you will supply in our intake process. This can take up to a week to complete.

Cost: $500-$700 depending on the house size. Payments can be made in two instalments. Smaller cabins, or offices cost less.

Email me to get started reclaiming the energy of your home!