The Sacred Wheel Speaker's Series

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Each month I will be speaking to a visionary about how we can create a world of peace, justice, beauty and enchantment.

Each month in 2017 I will be talking to a visionary about how we can become agents of change in the world. This series is free and open to the public. Their magic, your magic, our magic is needed now more than ever right now.

Here are some of my guests for the year: 

February: Vanessa Couto, The Rise of the Warrior Goddess

March: Dawn Gibson, Body Centered Wisdom for Healing Trauma

April: Dori Midnight, Birthing a New World

May: Melanie St. Ours, Desire

June: Samantha Spikenard, The Wild

July: Rhea Wolf, The Dark Half of the Year

August: Celia Ward Wallace, Receiving and Privilege

​September: TBA, Gratitude

October: TBA, Ancestors​

November: Syd Yang, Releasing and Banishing

December: Sasha Niala, Finding Light in the Dark