Spirit Guides 101

Have you been wanting to learn more about your Guides?

Get a sneak peak into one of the class videos where I talk about why it is so important that we do this work:

​It is time to start learning about your Spirit Guides!

You were born with a whole team of spirit helpers that are here to guide you, protect you and make sure you live out your life’s purpose.

​I created this class just for people like you, people who are ready to start working with their guides.

      • Know for certain that each decision you make is the right one!
      • Discover the rich world of meaning behind co-incidences and patterns in your life!
      • Know exactly how you are supposed to make a difference in the world!


I have often thought that spirit guides were something that other people had but I did not. Now I see I just need to work on building these relationships. This class gave me tools to keep building on these relationships. The videos and readings were very well organized and presented in a user friendly way. Allison’s personality was so open and friendly, she made it extra easy to sink in to the material. I would recommend this to anyone! Especially people who think everyone else but them is lucky enough to have spirit guides.

Johanna MoseleyStudent

Yes, I want to learn about my guides and live my purpose!


Here is what is included in tuition:

  • Life long access to the 4 week Spirit Guide 101 online program, a carefully crafted learning experience to get you working with your guides, even if you have had trouble before!
  • 9 video lessons, PDF exercises to download, and 2 recorded audio meditations!
  • Access to a dedicated, private Facebook group just for my students, where you will meet a community of like minded magic makers!
  • Live office hours on Facebook where you can get your questions answered.
  • Bonus Videos on working with Angels, Plant Spirit Meditations and more!


Oh…. And did I mention that 10% of all proceeds from this class will go directly to the Alaskan Wolf Conservation Center?

They are working hard to protect wolves in Alaska from inhumane management practices. This is part of what I teach in the class: when you work with spirit guides, part of the bargain is that you give something back. This is my way of giving back.


I wanted to strengthen my relationship and communication with my spirit guides. I was at a point in my life where I truly believe spirit guides can really help us with our lives. Now I know more about the spirit guides, and other beings in the spiritual realm who are related, and I am able to build stronger communication and relationship with my spirit guides. The video sessions are short and succinct. The information is helpful. I would recommend this class for people who are open to spirit guides and would like to know more about them and communicating with them.

Meng YewStudent

Units and Lessons


Weekly Lessons:

  1.  What are Spirit Guides: Learn the difference between working with animal allies, ancestor guides, plant spirits and other kinds of spirit beings.
  2. Spirit Guide Communication: Learn how your guides have already been trying to communicate with you. Learn simple ways to get clear direction from your guides. Develop a daily spirit guide practice.
  3. Deepening the Relationship: Learn ways further deepen your relationship with your guides, and further your spiritual practice.
  4. Meet One of Your Guides: Further explore what your guides are here to help you with. Learn about the basic anatomy of psychic communication, and go on a powerful trance journey to meet one of your guides.


What is the schedule for the class?

The class material will be available online starting the first day you sign up. Each week for 4 weeks new material will be released. You get lifetime access to the online material, so you can re-visit it any time. ​

Will this class teach me about Spirit Animals? ​

Well, lets talk about what that might mean first. The term “Spirit Animal” has become widely, and somewhat ironically, used lately to mean anything that represents you, or that you have an affinity with.

In the context of spirituality, I think what most people mean when using the term, is finding an animal spirit that somehow represents you, or protects your family/tribe. The term is a westernized/anglicized fantasy of a tradition that some Native American tribes practice. I don’t teach this material for several reasons. First, I’m not Native, so I actually have no training and background in this tradition. Second, many First Nation’s people have asked publicly that outsiders don’t use their traditions or spiritual practices without permission. Here is a link if you want to read more about that.

What I do teach in this class is how to find or make a relationship with an animal who might want to work with you in the spirit realm. This animal doesn’t represent you, and working with this animal doesn’t mean anything specific about you, meaning I don’t teach any system for interpreting animals as symbols. The relationship you have with this animal will be unique to you. The key word here is relationship, and this involves being willing to be an advocate for this animal here on earth. I also teach you how to form a similar relationship with the spirit of one of your ancestors, or a plant, or other types of spirit beings.

​What is your refund policy?

Because this class is a digital product, once you have access, you can’t ‘return’ the information. I realize that my teaching style may not be for everyone, so I have a 7 day money back guarantee on this class. If after the first week of class you want your money back, I will give you a full refund.

​What if I don’t find a guide to work with?

Everyone has guides and allies. Your ability to find them and work with them comes completely from your willingness to believe in yourself and to trust the process. If you are having a hard time finding or communicating with a guide, there is probably some way in which you are blocking the process. This live round of the class involves two coaching calls with me so that you can get help with that. ​

​What tradition does the information in the class come from?

My training comes directly from my work with my own spirit guides and through studying at the Blue Iris Mystery School in Portland, OR. My teachers were trained in the Reclaiming Tradition of Witchcraft, but their teachings reflect their own diverse backgrounds. The training I received is eclectic in it’s origins, meaning that some of it was passed down directly from a lineage of teacher, and some of it was received directly from communication with the spirit realm.

I am ​keenly aware of the prevalence of cultural appropriation and the ‘poaching’ of indigenous spiritual traditions that happens in many modern pagan, shamanic and New Age programs, and how this can be incredibly harmful to indigenous groups. My own cultural heritage is white/European and my aim is try my best to teach skills and techniques that do not participate in this appropriation. I also recognize that this is a complex and tightly knotted issue, and that practices passed directly from teacher to student, as many of these exercises are, cannot be easily separated and sourced as to their exact origin.

In the end, my emphasis with this class is not to pass on training or initiation into a specific tradition, but rather to give you skills that would benefit you no matter what tradition you come from or religion you practice. ​


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