I finally have a new episode ready for you!! In this episode I have a lovely tender and sometimes emotional conversation with Stephanie Syd Yang. We talk all about creating healing for queer folks, how Syd started learning to work with the spiritual medicine of birds, and how she makes her bird essences. Syd shares her method for self-acceptance and how that helped her heal from a severe eating disorder. Syd is an incredible healer and you can tell just by listening to her how much care and presence she brings to this work. You can find Syd at: bluejaguarlove.com

If you are interested in the Samhain class I talk about at the end of the podcast find that here.

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Syd is a mixed race/Taiwanese American queer healer, intuitive artist and writer who weaves together magic, possibility and intention as an energy healer + intuitive counselor in the world through their practice, Blue Jaguar Healing Arts. As someone who lives with depression and anxiety, and has recovered from severe eating disorders, Syd’s work finds its resonance in the stories we each hold at the intersection of memory, body, sexuality and mental health.  As a healer, Syd weaves together shamanic and earth-based practices that are grounded in Buddhist principles of interdependence, impermanence and karma.
Syd has been working with individuals and small groups for close to 20 years to support liberation and healing in life-affirming ways, rooting deep into their cultural, ancestral and indigenous practices. Syd works with individuals as well as regularly leads workshops, community healing circles and has been a group facilitator for over two decades, with a specific focus on grief, healing ancestral trauma, sexuality + spirituality, body liberation and eating disorder recovery. Their most recent book, a memoir, “Release” — the fantastic and entirely true story of finding freedom in a queer, mad + mixed race body“, will be available at the end of 2018. More at bluejaguarlove.com