Kate Husted: On Herbalism, Justice and the Land.

Kate Husted: On Herbalism, Justice and the Land.

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In this interview I talk with herbalist Kate Husted about being a responsible white herbalist on colonized lands. We discussed our love for our respective adopted homelands, and how we’ve come to understand right relationship with the land we live on. Kate also discussed her project theThe Herb Hut Free Clinic, a mobile clinic that provides free healthcare to her community. She shared a bit about how she set up the structure and why it was so important for her to find funding so that the clinic could be a sustaining resource for both her and the community it serves. 

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Here are some of the links we discussed: 

Find out more about Kate’s private practice and classes here: https://www.katehustedherbalist.com

Learn about the Herb Hut: https://www.theherbhutfreeclinic.com

The Alaskanified Movement Generation Zine for Just Transition: https://www.justtransitionak.org/toolkit/