All About Energy: Episode 8

All About Energy: Episode 8

In this episode we discuss Five Element Acupuncture and Energy Clearing

In this special episode of the Sacred Wheel Podcast, I present a workshop I gave last summer all about energy work.

Energy Clearing

The workshop starts with a discussion of an energy clearing. A technique I learned from Megan Potter. I give you the 3 basic principles that are core to this technique. Then I talk about why your body is the only tool you need to successfully clear anyone and anything.

Five Element Acupuncture

Next, we go into the theory of Five Element Acupuncture. This is a style of acupuncture I have been practicing for years. Five Element Acupuncture was first brought to the U.K. by Professor J.R. Worsley in the 1970s.

I discuss each element, (Wood, Water, Earth, Fire and Metal) and the common characteristics associated with each. I discuss the concept of a ‘Causative Factor’: how illness can arise out of events from your childhood. Next I go into the cognitive distortions common to each element. This illustrates why Five Element Acupuncture can be such a powerful healing tool for the emotions as well as the body.

I discuss the acupuncture points themselves, and talk about how each point is a set of encoded symbols that provides a roadmap for healing and spiritual development.

Energy Healing Work

In the end of the episode I share some exciting discoveries I’ve made about combining Energy Clearing with the theory of Five Element Acupuncture to allow me to do distance healing sessions on my former patients.

Here are some of the links I promised in this episode:

To read more about the style of energy healing I do you can get a copy of Jean Haner’s book.

My energy clearing teacher, Megan Potter.

Learn more about booking private sessions or remote clearings with me.

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Connection is your Birthright: the Wild with Sam Roberts

Connection is your Birthright: the Wild with Sam Roberts

In this video I talk to herbalist Sam Roberts about how re-connecting to the wild, reconnects us to the web of life.

Sam Roberts is an herbalist, plant tender, witch, and organizer.  She lives in Ashland, Oregon where her herbal practice focuses on mental health, chronic illness and community care.  Sam uses clinical herbalism, plant spirit medicine, nutrition and ritual to steward her clients back to their health, vitality, center and sense of belonging within the natural world.  Her passion for getting plants and people to interact in mutually beneficial ways, along with her cat, keep her from permanently relocating to a sunny meadow in the wilderness.  Email to inquire about an intake.