The Crossroads

photo-1430620081187-c59647bac29eAs we move into the time of the Spring Equinox, I am always reminded of the power of being in my center. You can imagine your center as looking like a lot of things, but for me, my center always looks like a crossroads.

The crossroads have long held a place of wonder in mythology and religion. Representing a place where two realms or worlds intersect, the crossroads are important because they represent potent moments of change. In many folk legends the crossroads are where you could meet the Devil if you were unlucky enough to be found there alone at night. In pre-Christian times, the crossroads were sacred to the Goddess Hecate.

The crossroads are neither here nor there, they are between. A space between the worlds, between moments, between choices. In the crossroads we are limitless, we are free to choose anything, but we can’t stay there, we have to eventually move on. The crossroads are simultaneously nowhere and everywhere.

One of my core daily practices is to meditate on standing in the crossroads. We all have a crossroads running right through us. I think of it as meeting in my lower belly, just below my belly button, in the place some people call the 2nd chakra. It is the place where the four directions meet inside me: that alchemical place where something new is born that is greater than it’s separate parts. For me, being a cis gender woman, it happens to correspond to my womb, which seems fitting, since that is another dark place out of which creation can grow.

In this meditation I stand with my hands folded over my lower belly and imagine two lines intersecting there. One stretches out in front and back of me, representing the past and future, I take a moment to recognize that the only place I can be is the present. The second line stretches out to the left and right of me, representing choice. If I have to make a decision between two things I might imagine each of those choices to the right and left of me and see which way my body is inclined to move.

When I stand in the crossroads I am IN the moment. Notice how the crossroads are both a time and a place? At the crossroads it is impossible to be anywhere but right here, right now.

When I take time each day to be in that place it reminds me that I’m not a victim. It is a magical act of taking my power back.

Too often life feels like it is happening to us. When we consciously stand in the crossroads we recognize our potential to be powerful. I may not control all the choices I am given in life, but I can choose how I react to choices I do have.

Maybe that choice would make all the difference?

It seems like a small thing, and maybe even too trite to mention, but all change comes from that small decision inside: I will chose differently this time.

Join me here in this liminal space and see for yourself what can happen if you take a moment to stand in the crossroads each day.

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