Yule Celebrations: A look inside the Sacred Wheel Immersion

In this episode I take you inside the Sacred Wheel Immersion for a look at our Yule class. In this class we discuss some of the ancient pagan origins of modern Christmas Traditions. We dive into the mythology behind the Christmas tree, the use of candles and light this time of year, and some of the myth and legend behind the figure of Santa Clause. We also discuss the Omen Days, or a period of time that is rich for divination this time of year. Then we finish up with a discussion of how you can repurpose some rituals and practices this time of year to leave you feeling more connected to the earth, more peaceful and reap the gifts of the abundant darkness.
Here are the links discussed in the class.

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Links from this episode:
To sign up for my free webinar on the Wheel of the Year: allisoncarr.net/wheel-of-the-year/
John Matthew’s book on Winter Solstice: www.amazon.com/Winter-Solstice-S…mas/dp/B00C2I5I0K
Caitlin Matthew’s article on the Omen Days: caitlin-matthews.blogspot.com/2013/12/th…stmas.html
Jeanette Winterson on the beauty of the night: www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/20…son-night-guide

Connection is your Birthright: the Wild with Sam Roberts

Connection is your Birthright: the Wild with Sam Roberts

In this video I talk to herbalist Sam Roberts about how re-connecting to the wild, reconnects us to the web of life.

Sam Roberts is an herbalist, plant tender, witch, and organizer.  She lives in Ashland, Oregon where her herbal practice focuses on mental health, chronic illness and community care.  Sam uses clinical herbalism, plant spirit medicine, nutrition and ritual to steward her clients back to their health, vitality, center and sense of belonging within the natural world.  Her passion for getting plants and people to interact in mutually beneficial ways, along with her cat, keep her from permanently relocating to a sunny meadow in the wilderness.  Email wolfstarherbs@gmail.com to inquire about an intake.