Together in the Dark

Want to Hang out in the Dark?

Samhain is known by some as the ‘Witch’s New Year’, and while it is the end of the traditional Celtic calendar, calling it a New Year, is a bit of a misnomer. Samhain is traditionally the time when the veil between the world of the living, and the world of the Ancestors is the thinest. It was traditionally a time of honoring and feeding the Ancestors. It was also the time then all those who had died the previous year, where ushered safely across the gateway so that they too could become ancestors. Samhain is an ending, but it is not simultaneously a beginning. It is a time to prepare for the darkness, and sit in the stillness until the earth is reborn on Solstice.

I miss teaching, and while I’m not ready to run a big year-long program just yet, I am feeling called to gather a group together for this upcoming Samhain season. 

I’ve been working a lot lately with grief, both as a magical practice and as a practice real-life skill. And grieving IS a skill. Grief is not honored or valued in our modern world, but grief and grief practices are vitally important to any spiritual practice.  Since Samhain is coming up, I thought this would be the perfect time to put together a workshop talking about grief, ancestral work, Samhain rituals and practices, and walking gently into the dark half of the year together. 

Here’s what the class consists of:

We meet for 3 weeks in a row, the week before, during and after Samhain,

 Classes will be 90 minutes long and meet via Video on Monday afternoons, 2pm Pacific, 5pm Eastern. 

October 22nd, Class One

We cover the basics of Samhain observance. We will talk history, ritual practices, and introduce this idea of ancestral work and set our intentions for this year’s gateway.

October 29th, Class Two

We go deeper into Ancestral Magic. We will do some trance work meeting an ancestral guide to help us with our work. 

November 5th, Class Three

We tend our grief, working with the River of Tears (what is that? come find out), and square away our ritual practices for the dark half of the year. 

If you’ve taken a class with me before you know that my priority is always on creating a safe caring container for this work to exist within. You can go as deep or stay as close to the surface as you need to in this class.

Classes are usually a mix of lecture and questions. I actually love questions because my guides love to answer questions and I always end up learning something new too. We will be doing some introductory trance work, if you’ve never done that before, it is like a guided visualization or mediation. 

Here is what else the class includes:

  • 3 Video Calls using Zoom and recordings of those calls for you to download.
  • A pdf ritual workbook from the Samhain portion of my year-long course on The Sacred Wheel Immersion.
  • A pdf Spirit Ally Tarot spread for gettin clear advice from your guides and allies.
  • Loads of lore, ritual practices and tons of great information 

For 5 lucky people will also be able to purchase a Samhain ritual kit, including 

  • Magic Hour Ancestor ritual candle with sweet grass and tobacco infused soy wax nestled around a golden obsidian gem stone.
  • Full Moon anointing oil: grape seed oil infused with Labrador Tea Flowers and Labradorite gem stones.  
  • Grief Support flower essence containing: Essences of Fireweed, River Beauty, Chalice Well and Rose.

Ritual Kits are Sold Out!!!

Classes will be recorded, but since we will be focusing on experiential work, its always nicer if you can make it live. 

The class costs: $110, 

This can be broken up into 2 payments of $60 and $50. 

Final payment is due before class starts. 

Payment plan option ends October 1st. 

Class registration will run until October 21st.

Hope to see you in class, I’m excited to be returning to teaching! 

Class is closed for 2018

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