Work With Me

These are current the doorways into my work:

Samhain Workshop

Join me for a three day workshop starting October 22nd. We will prepare for the Samhain gate by discussing ancient ritual and lore. The week of Samhain we will do some ritual and trance around connecting with an ancestral guide. The week following we will talk about what we need to release in order to walk into winter. Registration and more info.

Energy Healing

I’m taking a very limited number of new energy clearing clients. This is great for making headway on issues into your life. Work with me for a full week to clear blocks, understand your issues better, and bring healing into your life. Learn more.

Space Clearing:

Clearing your space can be one of the most profound healing experiences. I can do remote clearings  anywhere in the world on your home or office, and in-person clearings in the greater Fairbanks and nearby areas. Learn More.

Sacred Wheel Immersion

The Sacred Wheel took a hiatus this year, but next February I will start a new round of this class. Together we walk the Wheel of the Year using the seasons and holidays as a template for self-transformation. Join the mailing list (below) to be notified about when doors open again!