Private Sessions

Somatic Tracking

You can’t make good decisions when you are in a dis-regulated state. It’s just biology. The part of your brain in charge of reasoning gets shut down. In our private 60 minute session together we will use a mix of deep presence, intuitive guidance and tracking the sensations of the body to bring about a deep sense of peace and regulation so that you can get clear about life. Sessions together may include homework for ritual or spellwork to practice at home. Many people find these sessions work best when done weekly or monthly. 

Energy Clearing

Whether it is a sticky situation, super-natural interference, a relationship issue or just a big life moment, energy clearing can help free up blocks and help you move forward. These sessions  include 60 minute Zoom check-in where we can unpack everything and a week of remote daily clearings. Email me with a brief explanation of your circumstances to book a clearing session. Cost: $220


Courses I Offer

These courses are stand alone self-study programs accessible to all levels of experience. 

The Resilience Course

This is a self-paced course in learning techniques to regulate your nervous system. Applies Poly-vagal theory, attachment theory and trauma recovery. Includes guided audio mediations, theoretical overview and resources for further study. 

Special Price during the Covid 19 Pandemic: $25

Spirit Guides 101

A re-vamped version of my 2014 course teaching you all about working with allies and guides in non-human form. Coming Soon!